ABA Philosophy

Here at All Barre Attitude HQ we try to give you guys the tools to look better and feel awesome with a 360-degree focus on wellbeing.
As part of our exercise and lifestyle project, we have set ourself some simple rules to Live by for that optimum life.
Here’s a few for you guys below.
  1. It’s all about Attitude!
We believe It’s important to know the power of your thoughts. What you think about is so significant because it creates your entire world!  The trouble is most people focus on what they don’t want, rather than what they do want! We see no point in dwelling on the negatives! Instead we strive to be visionaries,  focusing on what we want and how we are going to achieve it. If we chose our thoughts wisely are visions will become our reality.
2. Welcome to the 5 o’clock club! 
Whether it is a 20 minute morning meditation, a quickie workout to set you straight for the day or the simplistic ritual of making that first hot drink. The morning can bring many things but we like to try and be ready for it! It’s important to prioritise a little me time’ before getting stuck into your busy schedules. At ABA we know the importance of taking this time to keep yourself balanced. If you are ok, everything else is, it really is as simple as that!
3. Get Glugging girls
 DRINK.MORE.WATER ice and a slice welcomed because no one skimps on essentials!
3. Read all about it
We are not just talking vogue mags and twitter feeds here peeps!  Here at ABA we are always on the hunt for more motivational, educational and inspirational info. We believe that if your not growing well your sorta dying, we like to fill our brains with things that will make us Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger! Although we do have the occasional flick through the mags!
Here’s some fab titles to get you going!
  • The four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso
  • Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr
  • Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson
We are not ones to sit around waiting for things to happen, we like to go out  and create our opportunities! We know we have to prioritise our goals over comfort to get what we want, that’s goes for in our workouts and our life! This sometimes means having to face fears and meet with resistance but we know that win or fail its just another opportunity to learn and grow. In the end, disengaging with life is the only real way to fail at it!
So now you have a little insight into our ABA philosophy. We don’t always get it right but we certainly do always try! We would love to hear about your rules to live by!
Please leave your comments below 😉
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