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Welcome to Vibes! Our own little place in cyber space where we can harp on about all thing’s wellness. And in today’s topic we address the notion of fitness failure….


There was a time in our lives, not to long ago when fitness wasn’t something we did at the gym, it was very much a part of our daily lives.


As kids we would run, jump, dance and play without a second thought and it felt great, the more we moved the more energy we had. But fast forward a few years and that fun turned into fear of movement but why? It became outcome based.


Fitness became a grind when the focus was on the outcome rather than the enjoyment process. As soon as we attach an outcome to a goal we create a fear of failure. What drives us on is a need to get to our destination instead of enjoying the process. This is not a sustainable method and for so many of us, has been the reason why we soon fall off the wagon. We need to understand that consistency is key to our health and wellbeing and what’ s key to consistency is enjoyment. ABA’s mantra is that fitness should be fun first, so if you fancy moving your frame in the company of like minded individuals who’s focus is on the banging beats rather than their own back fat then come join us in class. If not, whatever form of fitness floats your boat, just move.


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