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£10 per class.

Bronze Barre

Bronze barre is your introduction to the ABA method. This class is a high intensity, low impact 60-minute full body workout, focusing on the core movements from ballet. Our barre classes have been carefully designed to improve core strength, flexibility and muscle endurance whist lifting and shaping target areas of the body. Born out of the mantra that fitness should be fun first, we welcome beginners into a warm and friendly immersive space of sound and energy.

Silver Barre

This class takes you to the next level, designed as a progressive workout, silver barre is for the regular barre-tender who has been invited to step up their workout. In this class there is more weights, more core, and more banging tunes.

Gold Barre

This class is for the ultimate barre junkie by invitation only. Your instructor will advise if this is the class for you. Want a challenge, we’ve got you covered! We barre to the beat in this high intensity class with more tech, less rest and loads more sets. This class will leave you sweating with endorphins as you experience the ultimate barre boot camp.


A 45 minute workout focusing on toning those butts and thighs. This class fuses strength and power. Everyone needs a good grounding from time to time. Centre yourself in a deep squat and find balance in those pliés.


Saved by the bell. ABA’s take on HIIT incorporates explosive speed, strength and willpower. Tired of taking to the treadmill, this new take on cardio will ensure you don’t throw in the towel. Adding in some HIIT training to your regular ABA regime will leave you with some well-rounded results.


Got that desire to take your workout further. This is just the class for you, a great addition to ABAs signature regime, Fire as the name suggest is an intensive 45 -minute ab and arm burner. A great staple class that helps to improve posture and core stability. You would have to be a total plonker to miss this!


The TRX factor. This class is ABA’s answer to suspension training. Adapting TRX resistance training and making it a real barre buster. We push, pull, ponché and plank in this class. Come and give this full body workout a try.


Create space in your mind and body. Tune in and chill out to the tranquil sounds of Ibiza. Move through the motions as you stretch, breathe and connect in this energising class.


Cardio with a barre breath of life. Pump up the jam and pick up the pace during a high energy aerobic class. Raise your heart rate with rapid movements. A little sweat never hurt no body.


Take a look at our available barre classes in Newcastle, and book your first class today for £10!


Got the Barre bug and think that you might have found an exercise class that is just for you? We totally understand which is why we have created packages for you to book your favourite classes in advanced for a reduced price. Contact ABA and book your package with your instructor today. We look forward to training with you.

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Before you your first ABA class you must fill out our expertise disclaimer. You can download it below and either fill it out on your computer and email it to hello@ or print it and bring a completed form to your first class.



After attending one of ABA’s Barre classes I was amazed at how much exercise and range of movements could fit into an hour session. Not only that, I could see almost instant results. Jade has a very unique style and works closely with people to make sure they are performing moves appropriately to get maximum benefit
Really enjoyed my first ever barre session with Jade. Having never done it before I found some parts quite challenging but I can already tell this is a great total body strengthening workout. I felt the burn the following day! Jade is a great instructor and really takes time to ensure that technique is perfect. Bring on round 2!


Jade is a phenomenal barre teacher. She strikes the perfect balance between guiding and explaining the barre techniques in an easy to understand, intimate manner, but raises the bar when needed to enable you to push your body to the maximum. Each class is tailored to every clients fitness levels and her kind, helpful and welcoming manner really puts everyone at ease instantly … especially is your haven’t experienced barre before. Out of all the strengthening body workouts I have done to date .. including Reformer Pilates and Power Yoga, Jade and her specialised techniques are having the greatest effect in the quickest amount of time. I really can’t recommend All Barre Attitude enough.