This Morning Ritual Will Change Your Life

Mornings are often a busy time. Trying to get yourself up and ready whist simultaneously making breakfasts, packed lunches and fixing kids ponytails before hurrying out of the door on time. Sound familiar? Well what if we were to tell you that your morning need not be this manic and in fact you could feel more productive, happier, calmer and actually enthusiastic about the day ahead with a few simple tweaks to your old regime.

Here at ABA it has been tried and tested, and what a difference A FEW SIMPLE CHANGES has made! We couldn’t possibly keep all this info to ourselves, so here’s a little breakdown of how you too can change your day.


We are going to make this ritual super simple by splitting each part of our hour into small 20 minutes chunks. Its called the 20+20+20 rule. This can be adapted to suit you best later on but for now follow this step by step example. We are trying to build a new habit so its important you stick with the 20+20+20 challenge for 90 days as thats how long it takes for new behaviour to become automatic.

Ok, so we are going to get our butts out of bed an hour earlier! But, before we lose you there… Oprah, Lady Gaga, Anna Wintour and Tony Robbins (to name a few) have been touting this routine for years and well, they seem to be doing ok. Get yourself to bed earlier and no one is missing out on any sleep.  We chose a 5am start but as long as you give yourself an hour before your normal morning-bustle starts that fine with us! In that time, DO NOT hit the snooze button! Make it easier for yourself and move that alarm clock out of arms reach so that you physically have to get out of bed to turn it off. This may be tough initially but so were knee dances when you first did them! We promise this is easier than them and the results will astound you!

Rise and Shine its Exercise Time

For the first 20 minutes we are going to get our blood pumping because we love a little workout 😉

And why wouldn’t we? Do you know exercise has been proven to not only release those wonderful endorphins, making you feel bloody brilliant and improve your physical and mental energy better than that morning coffee (we know right?!) But also, exercising on an empty stomach has the potential to burn more fat and speed up metabolism, helping you nearer to them fitness goals. YAY! Works for us!

Now, we don’t care how you move, Just move!

Here are some ideas we came up with earlier… Blue Peter Style:

Go for a run round the block

Grab a chair and Barre! Knee lifts, Arabesque, Pliés and Attitude, Whatever your fav moves are? Barre Hard, we know you can 🙂

20 mins Jumping (if you have a little rebounder or the kids have a trampoline this can be great fun!)


And a personal favourite….stick your favourite tunes on and dance like no ones watching


Have An Attitude of Gratitude

The second chunk of 20 minutes are all about gratitude. When you feel grateful it moves you into a positive vibration. In Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive she writes ” According to a study by researchers from the University of Florida, having participants write down a list of positive events at the close of a day- and why the events made them happy- lowered their self reported stress levels and gave them a greater sense of calm at night.” When you focus your attention on what you are grateful for you are pushing yourself into a positive behavioural change.  Earl Nightingale famously said “We become what we think about”. The more you focus on the positive parts of your life the more positive and uplifted you will feel and better yet, the more good things will show up in your life.

So peeps, in your new journal we want you to write:

10 things your grateful for…

Start each sentence with ‘I am so happy and grateful now that….’

And then…

Send love to 3 peeps who are bothering you in some way


See It Believe It Achieve It

Spend 10 Minutes of visualising your goal. Everyone needs a goal, it helps us focus. You wouldn’t aimlessly drive without a destination in mind so why do that in life? Before we can believe in a goal first we must have an idea of what it looks like. When we visualise our desired outcome we begin to see the possibility of achieving it. Visualing your goals has been proven to improve co-ordination, motivation and concentration as well as help relaxation and reduce anxiety.

So here’s how we do it:

When you are visualising your goal (it may be to have the body you want, a new house or a dream job) whatever it is, you first have to see it before you can believe it! This is why its important that during your visualisation, you  imagine your goal as though you have already achieved it. Picture how you feel, what you look like and what you do, as though it as actually happened in as much detail as possible! 

Some people find it useful to write their goal down and then in as much detail as possible, translate it into a visual representation.

For the last ten minutes, MEDITATE

Most people find it tough to stop doing and just sit (by that we don’t mean in front of Netflix or flicking through your favourite glossy). We know so much now about the power of mindful meditation that we can’t possibly ignore its unbelievable benefits! Do you know that just 10 minutes meditation a day can actually boost your immune system! Stress and anxiety can cause havoc to our immune system leaving us susceptible to all sorts of health probs. This is especially apparent during these winter months! Developing a regular meditation practice reduces the amount of stress chemicals in our bodies! So you can say goodbye to those coughs and colds.

How to do it

Set a 10 minute alarm on your phone so you don’t need to check the time

Worry less about whether or not you doing it right and sit in a comfortable upright position (YES you can chill in your favourite chair, and NO you don’t need to sit like Buddha in the lotus position).

Shut your eyes

Take a deep breath in for  4 counts

hold your breath for 4 counts

Breath out for 8 counts

Repeat until the timer goes off

Enjoy the peace and quiet you deserve it!

So there you have it peeps, your new morning ritual. Get up and at em for 90 days and watch your life change! Don’t miss a day, not even a weekend. Make a promise to yourself now and commit, trust us you will be so glad you did!

We would love to hear how your getting on!

leave a comment below!

Good luck! We know you’ve got this! 😉

The ABA team


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